Four Eyed Monsters 2005

Four Eyes Monsters is een film geproduceerd in eigen beheer door Arin Crumley en Susan Buice. Hij maakt bruidsreportages voor de kost en zij is serveerster in New York. Samen maakten ze deze bijzondere film.

Directed by Arin Crumley, Susan Buice.

Starring Joe Griffin, Arin Crumley, Susan Buice, Marc Scrivo, Brad Calcaterra.

Arin and Susan both live in New York. Arin works from home with his wedding videography business documenting other people’s love. Susan is a waitress at an all-night trendy diner where she spends her Saturday nights serving chocolate martinis to women on diets wishing she’d get her artistic career in order. Both live lonely lives in one of the most populous cities in the world until they find each other online and begin their alternative courtship. Wanting to avoid a mundane date they decide to only communicate through artistic mediums and have no verbal communication while they work through the start up phase of their relationship. Communicating via note pads, emails and video cameras the question begins to arise, is their relationship just an artistic experiment or will they give into being a couple and become a living breathing “four eyed monster”.

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